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Welcome to the Random Status website.

Here, you will find our music, latest updates, calendar of events with news and fun gossip. We also like to highlight all the people who help us and support us. You will see us often promoting these artists of various talents and abilities. Please check back regularly.

We just finished producing a huge show that means the world to us. It is the "Special Friends" concert in Monterey with some of your favorite musicians, all for a great cause. Please check out the KKMC Broadcast which includes snippets of the concert. http://pottershands.com/KKMCBroad.mp3

Look here for further updates regarding our new DVD and CD currently being produced by Dave Mompean and Eric Marten.

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Taylor Kropp- Influences: Phil Keaggy, Allman Brothers, Carl Verheyen Band, Tesla, ARS, Robben Ford.

Random Status a young band coming out of the Monterey Bay Area, fronted by Taylor Kropp. This hard driving grooving band is made solid and stylish with songs of the new millenium coming at you hard.

“This band is exactly what the industry has been missing in its younger musicians.” says Michele Luccketta (previous owner of Integrity Entertainment.) “I have worked with countless guitar players in my time and Taylor Kropp is one of the best I have ever heard.”

Musicians musicians, technically stimulating with Taylor shredding like the pros of yesteryear while belting groovy and hooky songs of this new millennium.

Random Status hosted a Benefit Concert, Starring Phil Keaggy, Honoring Joshua Mompean. Please check it out here:

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